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Pathfinders is an activity based organisation especially designed for 10 - 15 year olds. It is an International Uniformed organisation that is sponsored by the local Seventh-day Adventist churches, and is operated by trained volunteers.

The program provides, opportunity to develop self worth in a fun, safe and caring environment, develop an appreciation of Christian spiritually and it's role in personal lifestyle. It aids in the development of leadership and positive group skills, teamwork and fun problem solving experiences. With a focus on developing skills in outdoor and environmental issues through practical camping, hiking, nature study and other outdoor adventure activities. Exposing those involved to a wide range of skills, crafts, arts and other practical skills. Teaching the awareness of joy in serving others and the understanding of opportunities within community needs in addition encouraging a good healthy lifestyle that says no to any drugs or any other harmful substances.

To read more about Pathfinders, look through the New Members Booklet below, created by the North NSW Conference Youth Department.


The new Pathfinder Bible is currently only available through a local Adventist Book Center store. Please call or visit them, and if they do not know about the new Bible, please tell them to contact Signs Publishnig. See the video below to hear all about it!


>> Pathfinder Uniform Policy - Australian Pathfinder Clubs  DOWNLOAD (PDF 0.2MB)

>> Pathfinder Resource Catalogue - AUC Resource Centre DOWNLOAD (PDF 5.0MB)

>> Introduction to Pathfinders DOWNLOAD (PDF 0.2MB)



The South Pacific Pathfinder Staff Manual is currently being revised. Nevertheless, until the time of the new edition's publication, Pathfinders in Australia base most aspects of its operation on the 1994 Edition of the South Pacific Pathfinder Staff Manual (SPPSM). The SPPSM is available for download below:

>> SPPSM Part 1: Title & Contents DOWNLOAD (PDF 0.5MB)

>> SPPSM Part 2: Organisation DOWNLOAD (PDF 32MB)

>> SPPSM Part 3: Drill & Flag Ceremonies DOWNLOAD (PDF 17MB)

>> SPPSM Part 4: Honours DOWNLOAD (PDF 29MB)