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CHOSEN is a 5 day residential leadership training program for Seventh-day Adventist teens living in Australia, and aged between 14 and 16 years. 90 delegates from all over Australia attend the training. The core idea behind the CHOSEN project is ensuring that the next generation of quality young people step up to leadership in the church. CHOSEN is about being proactive and taking deliberate steps, investing time, resources, and our belief in these potential leaders now.

The event itself is a rollercoaster ride of fun events and activities, worship times, great talks and training sessions.  The program is wholistic, covering all aspects of life including personal spirituality, healthful living, key leadership skills, gaining wisdom from Scripture, and guidance from key mentors. Delegates will get to meet up with some pretty amazing people – writers, public figures, millionaires, successful leaders in medicine, business, the church and the media. They will come away with truck-loads of useful stuff to help them succeed in life, and they will also get to connect with a bunch of other teens on the same journey.

Chosen 2014

Some of the topics at CHOSEN will include:

  • Being part of the best team ever
  • Telling it like it is – no lies
  • Being all you can be with Jesus by your side
  • Succeeding in whatever you do
  • Setting yourself up for life
  • Being fitter, stronger, and tougher than ever
  • Finding out God's purpose for your life
  • Helping God’s Church do what it ought to be doing

Chosen 2012

How do I get on board with CHOSEN?

The thing that makes CHOSEN different from other leadership training programs is that all teen delegates to the event are actually hand-picked by their local churches. Key local church leaders are invited to make nominations of suitable teens in their congregations. These nominations must be approved by the local Church Board and forwarded to the Youth Ministries Department in the local region. The nominations are then assessed and a final selection made by a panel hosted by the local Conference Youth Department. Delegates and their parents/guardians are then contacted and final arrangements made to attend the conference.

Chosen 2010

You can get more information about CHOSEN from your local regional Youth Department. In addition, all local church pastors will receive information packs and Delegate Nomination Forms for the CHOSEN National Teen Leaders Convention. If you would like to attend or have names of teens you believe should be nominated, please talk with your local church Pastor.

Chosen 2008