Seventh-Day Adventist Church

AUC Youth



For further information on any of the events listed below, please get in contact with the AUC Youth Department.


2011:  Yearly Theme “Identity”

January 4-9             “Under Oath” Camporee – Toowoomba QLD

Aug 12-16               Move With the Power III – Watson Park QLD


2012:  Yearly Theme “Discipleship”

July 9-13                CHOSEN 3 – Bonny Hills NSW

Dec 8-22                AUC International Youth Mission Trip 


2013:  Yearly Theme “Mission”

Jan 1-5                 “World Changers” Youth Congress – Watson Park QLD

Aug 16-Sep 4        Move With The Power Roadtrip


2014:  Yearly Theme “Mentoring”

July 7-11                 CHOSEN 4 – Bonny Hills NSW

Aug 11-16              “Forever Faithful” Camporee – OshKosh USA


2015:  Yearly Theme “Reclaiming”

Jan 6-11                 “I-Thirst” Pathfinder Camporee – Stuarts Point

May 11-17               Institute of Youth Ministry – Jumbunna Lodge